Bloc of Duck Foie Gras with Almonds, Marcona 135 grs


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Bloc of duck foie gras with almonds, marcona, can 130 grs, What do we find in this product? A foie of duck prepared in the traditional way. A foie gras with a great flavor, soft, with that touch of almond marcona which makes it a fantastic flavor. An excellent product to taste this delicacy in hors d'oeuvres, snacks or starters. Work by the tradition and the quality Katealde produces some great products, totally handmade, by raising ducks in Navarre, in the town of Alsasua at the foot of the Urbasa mountain range, a natural area where the ducks are raised freely from the 80's. By doing all the process exclusively on their farms in the open air and with the tradition as a banner, to feed their ducks with bait of corn, you get some top quality products. A work by the tradition and quality make that will care for it until the most minimum detail with the final products, a maximum differentiator. Properties of duck foie gras The duck foie gras has important nutrients, gras, carbohydrates, proteins, vitmaminas, minerals. We can highlight the great variety of vitamin A, E, iron, sodium and folic acid. The duck foie gras has a high content in fat and cholesterol so it is not recommended for people with problems of obesity and high cholesterol.

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Net Weight130 grs
SourceNavarra, Spain

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