Albóndigas de Bonito del Norte. 420 gr


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White Tuna meatballs, 420 gr

What do we find in this jar of Bonito del Norte Meatballs?

Enjoy some juicy meatballs made with fresh northern bonito.

You will fall in love with this typical dish again with this new recipe and most importantly, ready in just 5 minutes.


This small Galician cannery was born by the hand of a group of women whose objective was to give value and place to the "preserves of a lifetime".

Born in the midst of crisis, this company has managed to present to the market a wide range of elaborations of the highest quality, always starting from an excellent raw material.

Its work philosophy follows the premises of recovering traditional packaging methods and taking care of the quality of Galician raw material in detail.

Bonito Properties

  • It fights anemia due to its contribution in iron.
  • It favors the functioning of the muscles, nerves and intestines thanks to magnesium.
  • Thanks to its contribution in omega 3 fatty acids, the beautiful doubt to prevent cardiovascular diseases and reduces cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Improves calcium absorption due to its vitamin D content.


White tuna, tomato, onion, peppers, breadcrumbs, extra virgin olive oil, salt, agar agar and spices.

Nutritional information (100g)

Energetic value171 Kcal / 715 Kj
Fats8.7 gr
of which saturates1.7 gr
Carbohydrates12.8 gr
of which sugars3.2 gr
Protein10.3 gr
Salt0.71 gr
Data sheet
FormatGlass jar
Net Weight420 grs
Zona de ProducciónGalicia

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