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Fabada asturiana craft, tin 420 g Features of fabada asturiana A dish prepared with the best fabada asturiana, produced in an artisanal way, with ingredients selected for their highest quality. You get exceptional taste with some fava beans in large, texture, and perfect presence. Main features: Authentic fabes asturianas, large and soft. Handmade with the best raw material. The highest quality of its ingredients. Without additives. A dish prepared that there is only that heat to a simmer, and serve to be able to enjoy their wonderful taste. It after you test it only you will want to repeat! Benefits of the beans for health The beans is a food of great nutritional value that provides beneficial properties for our organism: Fight fluid retention and hypertension because they yield a large amount of potassium, and yet they are poor in sodium. They are rich in fiber which helps to maintain stable blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood and prevents constipation Canned select the arbeyal "The taste of the dishes well done" Preserves the arbeyal is a company with a long tradition, which began more than 50 years ago, integrated within Consevas Agromar. However due to his tireless dedication, their growing expansion of products and its success has been established as an independent brand, being leader in its market. The company is still innovating constantly, for what has acquired new facilities, counting with the most modern equipment and innovative both in its machinery and in its human team. With all this keep researching and creating new dishes, prepared where to trace the products of their land, Asturias, spain, using a handcrafted production, with products of first quality. Preserves the arbeyal is very clear that their aim is to bring the traditional dishes of their land to the rest of the world, so that you can enjoy the taste of the dishes made from any place. Ingredients Beans 40%, cooking water, sausage, 12% (Lean pork, paprika, salt, garlic, oregano), morcilla, 12% (bacon of pork, fresh onion, paprika, salt, parsley, blood of pork), bacon 12% (pork belly and salt) and salt.

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FormatCan, Box
Net Weight420 grs

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