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Cinnamon Black Tea, 12 pyramids

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Cinnamon Black Tea, 12 pyramids

What do we find in this Cinnamon Black Tea in 12 pyramids?

It is a fully fermented tea, obtained from the leaves of Camellia assamica. For this, its leaves are rolled, dried and macerated, which are left for a longer time in order for its components to react with each other.

This wonderful tea, in addition to perfectly combining the intense flavor of black tea with the great aromatic power of cinnamon , is in a simple, easy and clean format to facilitate its consumption.

Finally, this pyramid format is perfect for those who are new to these types of drinks or for those who prefer a simpler use since each pyramid is designed with the perfect amount of black tea with cinnamon for each cup.

Origin of Black Tea

Black tea is an herb of the Camellia sinensis species and has medicinal properties. There are many remarkable benefits, however, it does not hurt to know what the contraindications of black tea are, which are very similar to other varieties of tea.

To a lesser extent than Pu Erh, black tea is one of the best-known infusions in the world. At first glance, this tea presents us with a very characteristic appearance of dry strands and when drinking it we can appreciate hints of smoke, wood, tobacco or coffee depending on the variety we try. This appreciated drink, in addition to being a perfect accompaniment to an afternoon of reading, has a series of

Benefits and Properties of Black Tea with Cinnamon

Did you know that black tea is tremendously rich in minerals? The presence of zinc, calcium, magnesium, chromium, manganese, iron, potassium and fluorine is particularly noteworthy.

  • High in antioxidants, a cup of black tea with cinnamon is capable of providing us with the not inconsiderable figure of 200 mg. flavonoids, antioxidants that help us reduce the negative action of free radicals; In addition to being useful to improve the capacity of blood vessels, as well as to prevent aging or help with problems of the cardiovascular system, they are notable.
  • Its characteristic bitter taste is caused by the high presence of tannins in its composition. The astringent power that these elements possess makes it a good choice for people suffering from diarrhea or gastritis.
  • Good against cholesterol, useful for those who have high cholesterol, mainly because it facilitates the non-oxidation of what is known as good cholesterol (HDL), hindering the formation of atheroma plaques.
  • Great stimulating power, it is rich in alkaloids, which are substances with an evident stimulating quality.
  • The presence of cinnamon helps us with digestive disorders such as gas or diarrhea and facilitates digestion.

Contraindications of Black Tea

  • There are molecules called alkaloids , including caffeine, in the case of coffee, and theine , in the case of teas. This is present to a greater or lesser extent depending on the variety of tea or the preparation. Specifically, black tea is one of the ones with the highest level of alkaloids, its benefits and contraindications being more notable. This substance has an exciting effect so people with hypertension or periods of anxiety should do a moderate consumption. It can also cause nervousness and poor sleep if taken late in the day. These effects will be more present in people sensitive to theine while for other people they may never appear.
  • Another contraindication that we can find when analyzing this drink is the difficulty it presents for the correct absorption of iron that comes from food, which can lead to anemia . To avoid this blockage, we do not have to stop drinking black tea, only what the experts recommend is to take it separately from meals at least 1 hour before or after and that way we can enjoy this drink with complete peace of mind.
  • Although it is rare, this tea, like all the others, has great diuretic power. This property gives us a great benefit when we talk about avoiding or reducing fluid retention, but it becomes somewhat harmful when your consumption is exceeded, causing the absorption of minerals and nutrients as important as sodium or potassium to decrease.

How to prepare and drink Cinnamon Black Tea

It is very simple, you just have to heat hot water and put a pyramid in a container designed to provide the perfect amount of tea in each cup. Leave three minutes and remove. It can be taken hot or cold, that will depend on your tastes or the time of year in which we are.

  • Prepare it with care and attention. Black tea does not require boiling water, but at about 85º. With 3-4 minutes of rest it will be fine. Try to choose a high-quality black tea.
  • Be careful if you are hypertensive. The caffeine or theine that is present in black tea is not recommended for people who suffer from this ailment, so it is better that you opt for infusions.
  • You can consume it cold . Although the best known form is hot, black tea in the cold option preserves all its flavor and is ideal to consume in summer as a refreshing drink or accompanied by fruit.
  • Use it throughout the day. It is a drink that can be enjoyed at any time of the day without any problem. For people who usually suffer from a sleep disturbance or insomnia, its consumption is recommended during the first half of the day.

Cinnamon of Eden Tea Black Tea Ingredients:

Ceylon black tea, pieces of cinnamon and natural aroma.

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