Promotion Pack 12 Octavillos Mingo Anchovies


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Promotion Pack 12 Cans of Anchovies from Santoña in Olive Oil 40grs, Mingo

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Promotion Pack 12 Cans of Anchovies from Santoña in Olive Oil 40grs, Mingo

What do we find in these 40g cans of anchovies from Mingo?

In this format, as in all the others offered by this cannery, we find anchovy fillets with a unique flavor and impeccable cleanliness.

The size of the loins in the octavillo, which is how this format is also called, is small but no less perfect for that, if not one of the characteristics that makes it the best option for a snack.

  • Anchovies small-medium 8-10 fillets
  • Bocarte of the Cantabrian
  • Olive oil

Canned Mingo

Conservas Mingo is part of a small family business group run by Anselmo Domingo Ortiz Quintana, better known as "Mingo", after whom the canning company is named. After starting out in the sea as a rescue diver and barnacle fisherman, over the years, together with his wife, he entered the hospitality sector, creating a small restaurant.

They currently have several restaurants and have delved into the production of preserves and anchovies with Conservas Mingo based in Santoña.

Its most outstanding product is Cantabrian Anchovies in olive oil. To make this semi-preserve, they always start with anchovies caught in the Bay of Biscay during the spring coastal season, which guarantees their perfect point of maturation. Subsequently, they are made following the most delicate artisanal processes, kneading the anchovies by hand, removing all the bones and achieving a perfect finish.

Packaging Description

It is the ideal format for an appetizer alone or accompanied. The greatest dangers of the anchovy are light, heat and oxygen, which is why canned formats are the most suitable for a perfect state of conservation of its properties.

How to taste Anchovies in Olive Oil?

To enjoy the anchovies you have to take the can out of the refrigerator about 20 minutes before you are going to consume them, so that the salt and oil dissolve completely (they solidify when cold) and you can enjoy their maximum taste.

Data sheet
Location of the cannerySantoña (Cantabria) Spain
DevelopmentCraft, Preparation to hand
Diners1/2 diners
Fillets10 Anchovy Fillets
Size of the AnchovySmall
FormatOctavillo, Can
Net Weight40 grams

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