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Delicacy of liver of monkfish and duck, 80 grams


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Delicacy of liver of tape and duck. Gluten-free What do we find in this product? This delicacy or pâté is a recipe of their own that has created this canning company of which we can say that you get a great pate of delicious flavor, something that a priori it may seem unlikely or difficult to combine, the truth is that it seems to be a real delicacy. the combination of flavors enhances the same. Special selection Conservas de Cambados produces preserves selected since 1985, located near the Ria de Arousa, Galicia, Spain, famous for its size and for its great marine wealth. From which work most of their choicest preserves, cockles, mussels, clams, and other mollusks. Conservas de cambados is focused on quality, offering products from your source of exceptional and then in his treatment and handling to the final consumer. Properties of the Monkfish and duck Fish such as monkfish preserved have a meat very tasty and nutritious, contrary to what many people think, the monkfish and duck in this process are easy to digest. It is a canned that feeds without just gaining weight, because these have very few carbohydrates and almost no fat. This food belongs to the group of seafood and its derivatives. The mussels are a food rich in vitamin B12 as 100 g. of this food contains 8 μg. of vitamin B12.The abundance of iodine that can be found in this food, is beneficial for our metabolism, regulating our energy level and the proper functioning of the cells. In addition, the iodine of the mussels, it helps to take care of us on the inside, regulating our cholesterol. To be a food rich in iodine, also helps to process carbohydrates, strengthen hair, skin and nails. Ingredients Liver of monkfish, duck liver, port wine, rice vinegar, salt, sugar and spices. *Gluten-free

Data sheet
Net Weight80 grams
SourceCambados, Spain
AllergensGluten-Free, Milk

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