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What is Quinoa? The quinoa is a pseudocereal. It is a seed with unique characteristics that may be consumed how a cereal, and that is why it is so special. Contains a higher proportion of protein that cereal contains no gluten and is very versatile at the time of inserting it in different dishes. It is characterized by a taste that could be found between rice and couscous. It is characterized by a bitter taste, but once cooked the bitterness disappears, giving place to an almond flavor, reminiscent of walnut. Its grains are loose and bright, and gives great originality and personality to the recipes in which it is introduced. Quinoa in the kitchen The quinoa offers great possibilities in the kitchen, from recipes from main dishes to desserts. It absorbs a lot of flavours so you can cook along with bay leaves, herbs or a few cloves of garlic to give it more flavor, but be careful with the seasoning as it absorbs a lot of the flavors. It serves as a substitute to rice, millet or couscous, and it pairs perfectly with the corn, the vegetables, flavors, sulfur as the onion or the leek. Mix it with swiss chard and spines or garnished with mushrooms or other mushrooms is another good option. In terms of sweet flavors that best accompany are the carrot and the pumpkin. Properties of Quinoa Has a high amount of protein, almost double that of the rice, with some proportions of essential amino acids that favour their assimilation. Contains a high percentage of carbohydrates and a good dose of fibre, being a great source of energy. It is rich in essential minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, copper, and potassium. Provides vitamin B2 and B3. Contains No gluten and is digested well. Benefits of Quinoa for health Quinoa is a food that is very complete and suitable for all ages, due to its richness in energy, protein and mineral. Thanks to all of this provides great benefits: Energy: is a source of energy, very healthy, really ideal if you play sport. Their proteins ensure the repair and development of muscles in sports and the strong, and supplies energy to muscle progressive resistance exercises. Mental performance: is enhanced by the constant supply of energy to the nervous system. This is attached to the phenylalanine, glutamic acid, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Ideal for children: it digests very well, does not contain gluten and stimulates the growth hormone. It is also highly recommended during pregnancy due to their richness in proteins and minerals. Combat constipation: due to its high insoluble fiber content. Can be included in all diets, being of great utility in vegetarian diets for their protein ratio.



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