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Pai Mu Tan White Tea, 12 Pyramids

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Pai Mu Tan White Tea, 12 pyramids

What do we find in this Pai Mu Tan White Tea in 12 pyramids?

Pai Mu Tan is known as a Chinese white tea and is the least processed of all the types of teas and therefore contains the least amount of natural caffeine and on the other hand, the most health benefits.

Pai Mu Tan has a delicate floral flavor and a very light color, it is also very delicious and refreshing without any type of sweetener.

Pai Mu Tan is named after the beautiful white petals of the "white peoney", with its very large greenish-white leaves naturally, pleasant, refreshing, light and bright fragrance.

Pai Mu Tan is one of the great teas known not only to China but to the world.

Origin of White Tea

White tea began to be cultivated in the province of Fujian, China from the Camellia Sinensis plant, where the leaves are manually picked before they are fully open, when they are still covered with fine white hair (hence its name ).

It is one of the most valued teas because for many centuries it was a tea that only emperors drank due to the difficulty of making it.

Benefits and Properties of White Tea

  • Cardiovascular diseases: Polyphenols in tea show good effects on fibrinolysis and agglutination, especially free catechins that prevent platelets from agglutinating.

  • Inhibits arteriosclerosis: Reduces the possibility of hypertensive heart and coronary diseases.
  • Anti-carcinogenic: Blocks the formation of endogenous nitrosamine which is a carcinogen in food.
  • Detoxifying and anti-radiation: The polyphenol in tea is a natural filter against ultraviolet radiation.
  • Tenacity and permeability of blood capillaries: Improves the resistance of blood vessels.
  • It deodorizes and eliminates halitosis (bad breath), it is an anticaries, and it has germicidal capacity.

Contraindications of White Tea

Due to the low amount of caffeine that white tea contains, it is not contraindicated for problems related to it, that is, its consumption is suitable for all with the exception of an allergy. However, despite being suitable for general consumption, an excessive intake (more than 3 cups a day) is not recommended if you suffer from hypertension, nervousness or intestinal problems.

How to prepare and drink Black White Tea

It is very simple, you just have to heat hot water and put a pyramid in a container designed to provide the perfect amount of tea in each cup. Leave three minutes and remove. It can be taken hot or cold, that will depend on your tastes or the time of year in which we are.

  • Prepare it with care and attention. Black tea does not require boiling water, but at about 85º. With 3-4 minutes of rest it will be fine. Try to choose a high-quality black tea.
  • Be careful if you are hypertensive. The caffeine or theine that is present in black tea is not recommended for people who suffer from this ailment, so it is better that you opt for infusions.
  • You can consume it cold . Although the best known form is hot, black tea in the cold option preserves all its flavor and is ideal to consume in summer as a refreshing drink or accompanied by fruit.
  • Use it throughout the day. It is a drink that can be enjoyed at any time of the day without any problem. For people who usually suffer from a sleep disturbance or insomnia, its consumption is recommended during the first half of the day.

Eden Tea White Tea Ingredients:

White tea

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