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Savings Pack 12 Cans Anchovies High Restoration Gold Series, Revilla

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Anchovies from Santoña Alta Restauración Serie Oro, 12-14 Fillets, M.A.Revilla, winner best anchovy of Santoña 2018. Winner of 1 star in the Great Taste of 2019.

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Savings Pack 12 Cans Anchovies High Restoration Serie Gold, Revilla

What do we find in this savings pack?

We have prepared this savings pack with 12 cans of large anchovies from Conservas Revilla, from Santoña so that you can take home these magnificent anchovies saving a little more.

Anchovies elaborated with a salting process that ranges between 12-14 months of curing, obtaining a tender anchovy with a perfect maturation. They are large anchovies, cleaned of bones and just the right amount of salt.

  • Large anchovies
  • 12-14 fillets Bocarte del cantabrico
  • Awards: Best anchovy 2018 at the Santoña fair. 1 star Great Taste 2019

Benefits of Anchovies Revilla Serie Oro:

Rueda anchovies are rich in omega-3, which helps lower plasma cholesterol and triglyceride levels, also increasing blood fluidity, preventing thrombi and clots. Rich in vitamins B2, B3, B6, B9 and B12, all of them with important functions. Fat-soluble vitamins such as A and D, contributing to the regeneration of tissues and skin, favoring resistance to infections, and necessary for the development of the nervous system and night vision. Vitamin D helps blood calcium levels and favors its absorption and fixation. Minerals, magnesium and iodine.

Revilla Preserves

"We are not the first, but we want to be the best".

This cannery is a young cannery since it was created in 2013 with the illusion of recovering the family and artisan tradition. Its anchovies are made only with Cantabrian anchovies from the spring coast, the best quality, in an artisanal way, following the tradition, and taking care of every detail of the elaboration process, through the individual hand sobado of each fillet.

Despite having been on the market for a short time, its quality has already been recognized with awards such as the best anchovy of the Santoña fair 2018 and the great taste 2018. The brand is named after the president of Cantabria Miguel Ángel Revilla, he has given his name to the brand in exchange for 2% of sales going to "La Cocina Económica de Santander."

Packaging description

It is the ideal format for an appetizer to open and finish it is perfect for tasting anchovies on any occasion and not leave open a larger can.

For 1 or 2 persons.

To share a pleasant moment with friends, or why not a small whim to enjoy at any time.

The greatest dangers of anchovies are light, heat and oxygen, so canned formats are the most suitable for a perfect state of preservation of its properties.

How to taste Revilla Anchovies?

To enjoy the anchovies, the can should be removed from the refrigerator about 20 minutes before they are to be consumed, so that the salt and oil dissolve completely (they solidify when cold) and their maximum flavor can be enjoyed. Discover the best Revilla anchovies!


Anchovies, olive oil and salt.

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