On of Cecina de León IGP, premium 80 grams


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Cecina de León IGP premium, 80 grams, artisan, Gourmet, quality guaranteed. What do we find in this product? The authentic Cecina de Leon, artisan and prepared with the greatest care and a healing minimum of 18 months. A Gourmet product that's recognized, quality guarantee, awarded with different prizes. Denomination of Geographical Identification Protected. An authentic product, of taste and pleasure as before. Craftsman, recognized and quality In this delicious product, we find a Cecina de Vaca Lion reserve premium. It is the only jerky beef in the world with the recognition of 3-star great taste. A product is completely artisan, with a process of elaboration very careful that you get a product outstanding in quality assurance. Beef, salt, smoke, and a slow and careful process, minimum cure guaranteed 18 months you get a delicate Gourmet fit for the most exquisite palates. It is here where persists the taste for the authentic products, for the flavours and delights of yesteryear, so really good... A quick and easy way to enjoy beef Jerky is to accompany small pieces with tacos of Goat cheese and a pepper jelly caramelized, a mixture of flavors that enhance the flavor of each product. You can also use other flavors such as the caramelized onion, try which you like more. This quality product has achieved the well-deserved appellation of the Geographical Identification Protected Cecina de León, limiting its development only and exclusively to the province. Cecina nieto is a family business founded in 1965 by José Nieto Blas, the son of a family arriera of the maragatería (county situated in the west of León), where he learned the techniques of craftsmen necessary for the preparation of the Cecina de León. In this way we were establishing the foundations of the company that have been based on producing a quality product with the utmost care and the best know-how of years. The wise combination of a number of elements: Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Time, converted to the Cecina of León developed by Cecina Nieto, a natural product of graded qualities unique in the world. Properties: Eating well is, rich, healthy, and makes you feel good and happy The Cecina de León is formed in large part by water. Within the fats found polyunsaturated fatty acids, saturated and monounsaturated such as oleic acid, a decrease in the bad cholesterol, the LDL and increase the good cholesterol, HDL; have a vasodilating action and, therefore, decrease the blood pressure; in addition, they also present an anti-inflammatory action and protective about various cancers, especially the breast, etc In the Cecina we can also find vitamins A, group B, C, D, and E, plus minerals such as potassium, Sodium, magnesium, and Phosphorus. Ingredients Beef, salt and natural smoke.

Data sheet
FormatVacuum packaging
Net Weight80 grams
SourceLeón, Spain
Protected geographical indicationCecina de León

Keep refrigerated at an approximate temperature of 6º. Open the packaging 10 minutes before serving and eat at room temperature (20-22).

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