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Frequent Questions

How to buy?

The products of the store are selected by pressing the buy button found in each of the products. Once you add products, they are stored in a cart located in the upper right part of the store, where you can change the number of units of each one or delete a product.
Once we have all the products, if it is your first purchase you must register to finalize it, in this way, for your next purchases you will only have to enter your email and password, you will also be able to see the status of your orders and different information from your customer account . If you have bought more times, you only have to enter your email and password, if you have a problem entering, contact us if you cannot solve it, it may be that some information is incorrect (email or password)
Once registered, click save.
The type of shipment is selected, which will depend on the selected products and the destination address.
You select the form of payment, card payment, transfer, Paypal or Bizum.
The process to make the payment will vary depending on the chosen system,
In the case of a card, you are redirected to the secure payment gateway where you will be asked for your card details and later it will be necessary to authorize the payment using a code that your bank will send you through your application, email or sms.
In the case of transfer, you must copy the account number, which will also reach your email. Keep in mind that if you have selected this payment system, your order will not be processed until the bank transaction is recorded.
In the case of Paypal, this application will ask you to log in on this platform and then confirm the payment.
In the case of Bizum, you have to bear in mind that for payment in establishments like ours, the way of use is not like for payment between individuals. In this case, it will ask you for a password, which you will have to create in your Bizum application, and which will serve as a "pin code" for payment in shops.

The price includes shipping fees?

  • Without refrigeration

We offer free shipping costs for national orders over € 59 for shipments to the Peninsula, for lower orders the shipping costs will be from € 3.99.

  • Cooled.

We offer free shipping costs for orders over € 150 for shipments to the Peninsula, for lower orders the shipping costs will be from € 9.49. If it is higher than 59 only € 3.90

  • International

We offer free shipping costs for orders over € 400 for shipments outside of Spain.
To see all the shipping cost options click here.

How long does delivery take?

Normally deliveries are made in 24 hours, being able to reach 48/72 hours in the peninsula in case of incident with the carrier or absence in the delivery.
For international orders, delivery times can reach 4 days, depending on transport and working days and holidays.
We work with artisan products that are not made in large quantities or stock is stored, they are limited, which on some occasions can lead to a delay in delivery due to lack of production. In these cases, we contact the client to notify the delay and offer the solution that best suits their needs.

What guarantees do you offer?

We guarantee the quality of the products chosen and offered on this website.
As they are artisan products, it may happen that a product does not arrive with full guarantees, due to production or transport. In this case, please contact us to solve this incident.
If your order arrives in poor condition due to transportation, please contact us to replace the merchandise that had arrived in poor condition or with damage. The transport company will pick it up within 24 hours of delivery.

Do the products carry VAT?

All products carry VAT included in the price.

If my order arrives in bad condition?

If your order arrives in poor condition due to transport, please contact us to replace the merchandise.
The transport company will pick up the damaged package, within 24 hours of the delivery of your order.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

At Anchoasdeluxe we continually work to improve our service systems, speeding up delivery and offering the best artisan products on the market. For this reason, we ask that in case of any eventuality, do not hesitate to send us your complaint through the contact form, by writing to the address or by contacting us by phone at 942 500 440.

Can I order by phone?

Of course, we will be happy to listen to you and advise you if necessary in the choice of our products.

Chiamaci al 942-500-440 dalle 9:00 alle 13:30 e dalle 15:00 alle 18:00 dal lunedì al venerdì.

Se non rispondiamo o la linea è occupata, lasciaci un messaggio e ti chiameremo il prima possibile.

Quali sono i conti per effettuare un bonifico?

Il pagamento tramite bonifico deve essere effettuato una volta confermato l'ordine. Tieni presente che fino a quando non avremo il movimento bancario, il tuo ordine non verrà elaborato.

Il nostro numero di conto è il seguente:

  • Banco Santander- IBAN: ES57-0049-5205-1923-1612-2615

La password o l'e-mail non funzionano?

1-In primo luogo, devi essere sicuro di essere registrato come cliente sul nostro sito Web e di aver precedentemente compilato il modulo di registrazione.

2-Quando questo ci accade nel processo di acquisto, dovremo verificare se nell'e-mail che stiamo inserendo abbiamo ricevuto l'e-mail di conferma dei nostri ordini precedenti. In caso contrario, potresti esserti registrato con un altro indirizzo email.

3-Se siamo sicuri che l'e-mail sia corretta, sapremo che il problema sarà la password. Puoi richiederne una nuova premendo "dimentica password". In pochi minuti verrà inviata alla tua email una nuova password per l'accesso. Ricorda che questa e-mail potrebbe andare direttamente nella tua cartella "spazzatura", quindi dovresti controllare anche questa cartella nella tua e-mail. Una volta effettuato l'accesso, dovrai modificare questa password nel tuo account cliente per sostituirla con una che ricorderai in futuro.

4-Se non ricevi un'e-mail con la nuova password o non sei sicuro dell'e-mail con cui ti sei registrato, chiamaci al 942 500 440 durante l'orario del servizio clienti dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 9:00 alle 13:30 e 15:30 alle 19:00.



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