Basket Gourmet "Sea of Anchovy"


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Basket Gourmet “Sea of anchovy” Why are you so good, our food baskets? Basket gourmet with the best selection of products, all of them of first quality, and artisans, while respecting the tradition and is noted for its wide variety and quality. Authentic flavors of the sea. What do you find in this basket of gourmet We have a basket gourmet perfect to get to know different brands of anchovies, different from each other, because each uses its nuances and nothing comes out the same, although all are of excellent quality, elaborated with the best raw materials in the cantabrian sea, in your point of salt. To accompany the anchovies we got some delicious mussels, some of them to the pepper from espelette, a taste of novel that surprises, some good anchovies, gulencitas in olive oil and garlic, ready to taste and as we could not miss nice on the trunk, a supreme choice of taste incredible. Enjoy this magnificent box made with products of the sea, selected for a complete experience. Artisan products that are hard to find in specialty stores and never in large surfaces. Articles prepared with authentic tradition and raw materials without additives. If you like our handmade products and this basket of gourmet you want to modify, you know that you can create your own, the same can be done for the baskets, christmas, gourmet, gifts, different, full of flavor and tradition. Basket Gourmet "Sea of anchovy" composed by: 1 Tin of anchovies from the cantabrian sea 90 gr "Il nonno" 1 Tin of anchovies 50 g "at The edge of the sea" 1 Tin of anchovies from the cantabrian sea 50 gr "Solano Arriola" 1 Tin of anchovies from the cantabrian sea 50 gr "Angelachu" 1 Tin of anchovies from the cantabrian sea 50 gr "Whim" 1 Tin of anchovies from the cantabrian sea 50 gr"Juanjo" 1 Tin of mussels 4/6 pieces 115 grams 1 Jar of gulencitas in olive oil, garlic and 215 gr 1 Jar of tuna in trunk 240 gr 1 Can of mussels in pepper of espelette 260 gr 1 Tin of anchovies del cantabrico in vinegar, olive oil, parsley and garlic, 120 grams 2 Cans of mussels from Galicia 8/12 pieces 1 gift Box exclusive reusable

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