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Tea Digest 100 grams Of what consists this tea Digest Anise, licorice and mint. A tasty combination for a tea that will help in your digestion. Licorice, is a plant native of mediterranean countries and Asia minor. It is used since antiquity as a condiment, and also to treat conditions stomach. Today is used to prepare desserts, drinks, and is added to some pipe tobacco for its pleasant aroma, sweet and sour. The part of the plant that is used for therapeutic purposes is the root of licorice. The combination of these ingredients create a tea with nemeficiosas properties: - Helps to relieve indigestion, ulcers, acidity of stomach and gas issues. At the same time acts as a mild laxative. - It is a good expectorant natural. Its anti-inflammatory action and antibacterial properties it is beneficial for treating conditions of the respiratory tract as bronchitis or cough. - Has power protection for the liver, increasing the production of bile and by favoring the purification of the liver. - Helps to regulate the levels of estrogen and is indicated to relieve the symptoms of menopause. - Your action antiviral, making this plant a good ally to prevent the proliferation of virus. That's why you can curb the consequences of viral diseases such as AIDS or the flu. - Reduces the cholesterol levels in the blood. How to prepare this infusion To enjoy this tasty tea, the only thing you need to do is boil water and pour it in a container in which we'll take a tablespoon of the dry grass. After letting it pose for 3 minutes, we will be able to strain the water and relax with our tea. Ingredients Anise, licorice and mint
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