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Wooden Gift Box "Carlanmar Flyers"

What do we find in our Wooden Boxes?

In this type of gourmet gift you will find a wide variety of preserves , either from a single canning company or a small selection from our extensive catalogue .

Our wooden boxes are perfect for a small tasting or as a gift to someone in love with special seafood preserves .

These products are all handcrafted by small producers , who maintain the traditions and stories of their families and regions. These gifts are a great bet for quality and taste.

Contents of the wooden gift box "Carlanmar Booklets"

  • 16 Cans of Santoña Anchovies in Olive Oil 50 grs. Carlanmar
  • 1 Custom Mountable Wooden Box

Enjoy our Wooden Gift Box "Octavillos Carlanmar"

If you are a true lover of good anchovies, you will know that, within a high quality, we find anchovies with different points of salt, cleanliness or simply texture.

Carlanmar anchovies belong to the latter range. Anyone who has tried them will know that the anchovies made by this cannery have a smoother, juicier and thicker texture, simply unique.

It is a very small canning company, so the units of cans they make are limited, which gives them one more point of exclusivity, in addition to presenting a perfect point of salt and cleanliness.

In this 50gr can, we will find between 8 and 10 small size anchovy fillets perfect to enjoy in small meals, either alone or accompanied.

As we always indicate, remember to take the anchovies out of the fridge at least 30 minutes beforehand to ensure that the oil dissolves completely and does not bother at the time of consumption.


  • Design : rustic and unique. It is a light wooden box screen-printed with our logo on the lid. This packaging gives it a handmade and elegant touch at the same time.
  • Measurements : 25cm x 25cm x 6.5cm
  • Protection : to finish our baskets, we put paper chips to protect all the products and prevent them from shifting during transport.

your dedication

Add your personal touch to our baskets.

You can indicate a dedication or note at the end of your order and we will include it in the chosen basket at no additional cost!

In this way, you will be able to personalize all your gifts , giving a unique and emotional touch that will excite your recipient.

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