Tuna Belly in Olive Oil 245 gr


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Tuna Belly in Olive Oil 245 gr.

What do we find in this product?

We are facing a product with a special origin, the best tuna that can be found in the market, selected from the best campaigns throughout the world.

Tuna Belly in Olive Oil 245 gr. It is characterized by being a yellow fin tuna, or better known as albacore or white tuna. It is a type of tuna found in the waters of tropical and subtropical seas that inhabits the first 100 meters of the water.

The tuna belly is obtained from the lower part of the fish, thus achieving a softer and juicier meat and a more intense and fixed flavor than that of the rest of the fish. This is because, unlike the tuna loin, which is the cleanest part of the fish, the belly has a higher portion of fat.

Gastronomic tradition

Herpac is a leading family business in the canned, salted and smoked sector . They have been betting on crafts for more than 30 years, doing things by hand, without haste, as has been done all their lives. They began selling tuna mojama, drying it by hand only with the sun and the wind, being one of the most recognized canneries in the world that bears the "Mojama de Barbate" Protected Geographical Indication seal among other national and international awards.


Tuna belly (Captured-Seine Nets and Hoisted Nets), olive oil and salt.

Nutritional information (100g)

Energetic value279.6 kcal / 1162.8kj
Fats20.4 g
of which saturates3.2 g
Carbohydrates<0.10 g
of which sugars<0.10 g
Protein24.0 g
Salt1.7 g
Data sheet
Net Weight240 grams
SourceBarbate, Spain, Atlantic Ocean

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