Tuna in Sauce Catalan 550 grams, Zallo


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Cantabrian Anchovies in olive oil. 12 steaks, hand-crafted.

What do we find in this product?

Anchovies in a format of 85 g Contains 12 fillets of anchovies of normal size the most common and rich, elaborate handmade with bocarte of the bay of biscay, following the tradition and the craftsmanship. Anchovies selected the best parts and quality for this format that produce a few units.


  • handmade
  • the
  • Bocarte from the cantabrian coastal spring
  • the
  • comprehensive Cleanup using traditional techniques
  • the
  • Great taste and quality
  • the
  • special Selection of the best anchovies

we Found a few anchovies, medium size, (the usual), with great cleanliness, presentation, quality and taste.

“sounds of the sea.”

Conservas Zallo is a family business that was established in 1926 approximately, although not established with this name until 1979. Located in Bermeo, in the province of Biscay, a place with a great seafaring tradition. Its location in the bay of biscay makes it possible to access the fish of a higher quality.

Its form of preparation has not changed with the passing of the years, has always focused on the craftsmanship with the raw material of higher quality. Although they do adapt to the new media and innovations in utensils, passing from wood to stainless steel) is always maintained the tradition and craftsmanship.

anchovies are prepared only with bocarte of the bay of biscay to the coast of spring, the best quality. It thus achieves a anchovy of first quality.

Properties: eating well is rich, healthy and makes you feel good and happy.

anchovies are rich in omega-3, which helps to decrease the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in plasma, and also increase the fluidity of the blood., preventing thrombi and clots.

Rich in vitamins B2, B3, B6, B9 and B12 all of them with important functions. Fat-soluble vitamins like A and D, contributing to the regeneration of skin and tissues, favoring the resistance to infection, and necessary for the development of the nervous system and night vision. Vitamin D helps the calcium levels in the blood and favors its absorption and fixation. Minerals, magnesium and iodine.

Description of the container

Is the ideal format for an appetizer. Perfect to enjoy at any time, alone or accompanied, and to recover the flavours.

The format on can is the ideal, as it protects it from the light heat and air are the main enemies of the anchovy. There's always that to keep it as cold as it is a semi-preserve

Data sheet
Source BocarteEngraulis Encarsicholus (anchoa del cantábrico)
Location of the canneryBermeo, Vizcaya
Diners3/4 Diners
Fillets22/26 anchovy Fillets
Size of the AnchovySmall
FormatDouble octavillo or Fourth Club
Net Weight85 grams
Weight Drained45 grs
SourceCantabrian Sea

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