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Sweets 100g What contains this product? With a heart of almond marcona and a coating of sugar, after passing through a process of refining, is converted into our sweets, with a smooth texture, a small layer of sugar, and when writing by hand, ensuring the highest quality. "Possibly the best turrones" With over 100 years of experience and commercial success, continue making their traditional products with the same demand. On the basis of commitment, honesty and dedication of the three generations. In all this time, Turron Monerris, has become a point of reference at the national level. Becoming a fixture of our table at our christmas, not being able to miss any of its magnificent and artisans products. One of the few companies that follow a careful process, completely handmade, hard to find today, and much more in the industry turronera. Both their figurines of marzipan, as the cake of yolk, the bread of Cadiz, etc., are made by hand, one by one, by specialized personnel. Aspect that should be highlighted since that has allowed them to keep on using traditional recipes, that, with the introduction of machinery in this sector, has been forced to abandon.

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