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Sencha Green tea 250 grams Discover the Sencha Tea and its properties Japan stands out for its long tradition in the cultivation and consumption of tea, especially in what refers to the green tea. The Sencha tea is a japanese variety of green tea. Their properties, as well as its sweet taste and slightly astringent, it has become the most popular tea in the asian country. It is the tea used for the famous Tea Ceremony. This is a tea that is prepared from the first harvest of the year. Its leaves are collected in spring, when precisely are born the first outbreaks of what is known as the tea plant. We find ourselves at a wonderful japanese green tea that is made without proceeding to shred the leaves. Translated literally it means “tea drying”, and this is a feature that makes the Sencha tea is different from green teas chinese toast, instead of toasting in the pan (like they do in China) is cooked for 15 to 45 seconds, with the objective to prevent their leaves from oxidizing. The properties that we can take advantage of this tea are summarized in. Helps you to lose weight, like other varieties of green tea, its content in catechins is a drink that helps raise the body temperature, activating and increasing the metabolism. Stimulating beverage rich in caffeine, although it provides the least amount of caffeine than coffee. It also provides caffeine. Both substances have benefits stimulants of the nervous system, promoting a state of wakefulness. Antioxidant benefits, rich in antioxidants, particularly in catechins and polyphenols. It helps to reduce the high levels of fats in the blood, improves blood circulation and helps to prevent cancer. How to prepare this infusion To enjoy this tasty tea, the only thing you need to do is boil water and pour it in a container in which we'll take a tablespoon of the dry grass. After letting it pose for 3 minutes, we will be able to strain the water and relax with our tea. Ingredients sencha green tea

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