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Tea Chamomile 75 grams Why is characterized the Chamomile? Chamomile has been studied for many years because it contains substances with high profits; the salicylic acid or the vitamin C are some of the main ones that we can highlight in addition to those that come out of the distillation from the cabezuelas. On the other hand, we must note that the chamomile is antiespasmótica and thus soothes the painful contractions of the intestine and other viscera besides the one that is used on multiple occasions as a powerful sedative. Benefits of Chamomile Tea Combat insomnia, relax the person enough to be able to sleep better. It helps in digestive problems, in addition, it is also good to relieve mild nausea. Anti inflammatory Diuretic Combat stress and depression, as it serves as a natural sedative. Drinking chamomile tea helps to relieve feelings of overwhelming fear, panic attacks and fatigue, as it promotes relaxation without over sedation. How to prepare this infusion It is very simple, you just need to heat water to a boil and in a bowl pour a tablespoon of the dry grass. Leave for three minutes and strain. Can be taken cold or hot, that will depend on your tastes or the time of year in which we find ourselves. Ingredients Chamomile sweet flower

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Net Weight75 grams

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