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Red tea Silhouette Slender 150 grs

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Slender Silhouette Red Tea 150 grs

Why Red Pu Erh tea?

Red tea is one of those drinks that you should always keep in mind for your body because its properties are really interesting. In addition, being a tasty infusion, its benefits can have a positive effect on your body. This Slender Silhouette red tea contains a blend of red pu erh and sencha green tea for the benefits and properties of both teas to help you achieve your goals.

Benefits of Red Tea Slender Silhouette

  • It is diuretic, red tea is ideal for diuretic action, promotes the natural elimination of toxins and prevents fluid retention.
  • Regulates cholesterol , a study by Yunnan University certified this at the time, when several coronary patients were treated with a red tea cure, obtaining interesting results.
  • It is highly digestive , has the property of stimulating the production of gastric acid, thus promoting liver metabolism and generating bile salts that are very good for digestion. This is an essential characteristic of all slimming tea: basically they make fats burn better, waste or toxins are cleaned more easily and do not accumulate.
  • To take advantage of this and other benefits of red tea, the ideal is that you drink it one hour after meals.

Eden Tea Slender Silhouette Red Tea Ingredients:

Red tea, Pu-erh tea, sencha green tea, hibiscus, rose hip, strawberry, apple, jasmine flowers and aromas

What is red tea?

Today red tea is well known for its slimming properties, yet very few know what makes it so special. This tea is characterized by being fermented, unlike black (oxidized) and white (without applied processes).

It is the only type of tea that is fermented, thanks to which it acquires its color, flavor and the health benefits it provides.

These three properties are obtained mainly from the microbial fermentation that its leaves undergo during its production.

Contraindications of red tea

  • Among the contraindications that red tea has, it stands out that, having caffeine and theine, it can cause alterations of the nervous system , hypertension and tachycardia, not advising its consumption during pregnancy.

Properties of red tea

Red tea contains vitamins B, C and D , in addition to providing minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iodine, zinc and fluorine , also counting on polyphenols, theophylline, caffeine, and fiber .

  • Avoid liquid retention
  • Supports digestion and helps you lose weight

How to prepare and drink red tea

To prepare an infusion of red tea you must put the leaves in water at 85ºC, letting it rest in the teapot or cup for three minutes until it foams. It is recommended to add 2-3 grams (one heaping tablespoon) per cup.

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