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Tea Mint Pennyroyal 75grs How is the Mint Pennyroyal? The mint pennyroyal is one of the most famous plants in the genus mentha, world-known for having hundreds of natural remedies that are beneficial for health. The plant has a size from 25 up to 40 cm high and the leaves they have, they carry some small bags at the end where you usually save all the essence that has the grass. Given this, it is interesting to add that in addition to the healing properties that has the mint pennyroyal also is characterized by having an odor as pleasant as that is what makes it extremely attractive. Benefits Digestive system and antispasmodic, reduces the gases that cause swelling in the body, and those nasty stomach pains. For weight loss some of the components of the poleomenta own slimming action. Does not perform miracles burning fat, you must control your diet and exercise, but it can be a little extra help to lose weight. Antipyretic, many doctors, before prescribing a medication, are advised to consume a tea of pennyroyal to combat the symptoms of a cold. How to prepare this infusion It is very simple, you just need to heat water to a boil and in a bowl pour a tablespoon of the dry grass. Leave for three minutes and strain. Can be taken cold or hot, that will depend on your tastes or the time of year in which we find ourselves. Ingredients Mint and pennyroyal

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