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Digestive Port Tea, 12 pyramids

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The Sweet Alciturrianos is a typical product of Santander, Cantabria, hand-crafted according to the traditional recipe since 1950.

Digestive Port Tea, 12 Pyramids

Why digestive port tea?

With small yellow flowers in the shape of a spike, it is very popular for its medicinal uses in the north, being used as a digestive, antidiarrheal and tonic. Popular medicine has used it in infusion, tincture and even in aromatic bouquets, given its pleasant fragrance.

The most classic thing is to take it after dinner, especially if it is in the middle of winter. Its 'grace' lies in the fact that pomace is added to the infusion of this plant, which gives it more fragrance.

As a medicinal plant it has many indications: digestive, antimicrobial, analgesic, antiviral, antiallergic, hemaprotective, antiulcer, anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic, it is also good for anxiety, osteoporosis, respiratory allergies, throat and cough, facilitates wound healing, favors the blood sugar levels.

What is the tea of the port?

This type of tea grows in the high mountain pastures in the Cantabrian Mountains, and in Castilla y León , where it is known as: Mountain tea, rock tea or Picos de Europa tea.

It comes from a woody plant with narrow, oval leaves that, when blooming, have spike-shaped ones. The harvesting season goes from April to August, it is a plant that loves the sun, it bears the shade poorly, tolerating variations in temperature well and the moderate dryness of the soil. It grows from sea level to heights of more than 1,900 meters.

How to prepare and drink tea from the port

The traditional way to do it is by macerating a few sprigs of tea in a little white pomace and mixing with boiling water, leaving a few minutes on the fire and letting it rest a little ... And it is ready to drink.

Edén Tea Digestive Port Tea Ingredients:

Port tea and aromas

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