Tarantelo of Red Tuna with Citrus 120gr, Don Bocarte


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The Red Tuna Tarantelo with Citrus is characterized by having a flavor wrapped in nuances and aromas that evoke the flavors of orange and lemon.

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Red Tuna Tarantelo with Citrus 120gr, Don Bocarte.

What do we find in this can of Don Bocarte Red Tuna Tarantelo with Citrus?

In this can you will find tuna tarantelo, one of the noble parts of tuna located at the end of the trunk. The citrus marinade gives it tenderness and aroma, added to the high quality of the fish, makes it an incomparable bluefin tuna.

The tarantelum is extracted from the lower part of the tuna , between the belly and the white tail, so it can be said that it is part of the white back of the tuna .

This tuna is fresh; It is fished with the traditional method known as almadraba in Barbate (Cádiz) in the months of May and June; This consists of placing two barriers with nets in which the tunas are collected, thanks to which they maintain all their freshness and naturalness.

Canning Don Bocarte

Don Bocarte is a canning company that offers prestigious fish . But not only this makes them excellent, but also the artisan and manual elaboration, a scrupulous one-by-one cleaning and curing in salting, which makes production limited.

Located in Santoña, Don Bocarte was born in 1997 and his dedication has made this company one of the most valued in the sector. Its success is due to the selection of the best raw material from the Cantabrian Sea and the care it dedicates in the process of making the preserves.

Properties and benefits of bluefin tuna with citrus

Bluefin tuna has become one of the top rated blue fish in Spain, and one of the species most prized in international markets, both for its flavor and its various possibilities of preparation.

1. Contribution of Omega 3 Fatty Acids and DHA and EPA fats: It has a high content of proteins of high biological value, and its contribution of omega 3 fatty acids, which make it highly recommended in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and proper functioning cerebral.

2. High protein content and low in calories : This blue fish contains 25% protein, it is also an easy to digest protein so its protein value is used almost entirely. For those people who want to gain muscle mass, it is an ideal food to add to their diet.

3. High content of vitamins: Vitamins of group B stand out, being vitamin B12 the one that intervenes in the formation of red blood cells and helps to maintain the nervous system. For its part, vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and bone mineralization.

4. High content in antioxidant minerals : Among the minerals, its content in selenium, a powerful antioxidant, and phosphorus, essential for bones, which together with vitamin D from tuna, make it a very interesting fish for our bones. Magnesium helps fight concentration problems, dizziness, migraines, and leg cramps. It improves brain functions, as it prevents the risk of dementia in adults.


Red tuna (fish), olive oil, onion, salt, spices, marinated sauce (orange, lemon and spices).

Nutritional values (100 g of drained weight)

Energetic value

789/188 kcal

Fats8 g
of which saturates2 g
Carbohydrates0 g
of which sugars0 g
Protein29 g
Salt1 g

Data sheet
Net Weight120 grams
Weight Drained90 grams
SourceBarbate, Spain, Atlantic Ocean
Zona de ProducciónAndalucía

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