Tablet of Artisanal Chocolate pure to 90%, 120 g


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Tablet of Artisanal Chocolate pure to 90 %, 120 g Gluten-free What is the difference between the milk chocolate with artisan pure 90% Kuna Yala?. Produced only from cocoa of Panama selected at origin and worked in a traditional way without chemical additives, or preservatives. This cocoa is of the most valued in the world for its fine aroma and more scarce. Main features:Bitter Chocolate with a dot of acid and sweetness at the same time, own of pure chocolate. This is the chocolate most healthy for its high content of cocoa and without the contribution of chemicals or additives. The benefits go to projects of sustainable cultivation of cocoa in origin. It contains No gluten and is suitable for vegetarians (ovo-lactic acid)Benefits of the Chocolate artisan for the health Eating chocolate artisan is rich, healthy and makes you feel good and happy and the higher the quality of the cocoa, the better it will sit, some of their properties are:Rich in magnesium which causes a strengthening of muscle and energy, favoring the physical activity Difference with the chocolate industry, which uses vegetable fats different from the cocoa that kill the own properties of the chocolate. Good cardiovascular health, numerous clinical studies support this theory. The consumption of chocolate improves the heart rhythm and also affects the mood of the people, in a better way. Does not produce caries, cocoa good is a product that does not remain in the mouth for which can't lead to tooth decay. Beneficial for the skin, due to the large amount of antioxidants found in dark chocolate.Chocolate craftsman vs. Chocolate industrial There is a big difference in manufacturing of each chocolate. The chocolates industry are manufactured with vegetable fats (mainly butter of palm, soy, coconut...), that is to say, replace the basic components of the cocoa alterándolos of way chemical and conserving 5% of these components so that they can keep legally the name of `chocolate in Europe. The chocolate artisan keeps all the natural properties of cocoa and ensures all benefits named above. Kuna yala "handmade with love" This chocolate is a whole process of selection artisan in origin and traditional production by the master artisan chocolatier, which offers the best of a product so universal, with all its quality guaranteed. It is the only one in Spain due to its aroma more intense and with a low acidity because the single origin chocolate is Panama. The cocoa is collected and selected directly at the source, in the heart of nature, wild and full of tradition. The chocolate Kuna Yala comes from the origins of a tribe that was the source of study by the university of Harvard, to have a excellent cardiovascular health. This study was based on the growing cardiovascular problems in the western population, and trying to discover the secrets of this tribe and their good health. After 15 years of exhaustive research, the conclusion was that the high consumption of natural cocoa of the tribe is the source of his good cardiovascular health, eating right, always offers good results. Ingredients Cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar and lecithin natural soy
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