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Gourmet Basket "SmartDeluxe"

Why are our gourmet baskets so good?

A basket made up of a selection of high-quality handcrafted products made by small producers from all over Spain.

What do you find in this gourmet basket?

The best Galician preserves , enjoy the authentic flavor of the sea with mussels, sardines, scallops and the authentic bonito from the north fished by traditional cane.

Authentic duck foie gras with Porto accompanied by some delicious artisan sherry peaks, perfect to accompany all these delicacies.

And to end this feast, the sweet contribution is given to us by the people of Alciturria , a typical sweet from Santander.

We are specialists in artisan products and Christmas baskets, whether you need 1 or 100, we are prepared to find a special individual gift, business gifts or your different Christmas baskets .

Gourmet Basket "SmartDeluxe" composed of:

  • 1 Can Galician pickled mussels 8/12 Lola
  • 1 Can of Calamari in American sauce, 125 grs"Del Ponto"
  • 1 Jar of bonito from the north in olive oil 190 grs "Ana María"
  • 1 Can of Scallops in Scallop Sauce 110gr, Ana María
  • 1 Can of Anchovies Premium Numbered Series 50 grs "Del Ponto"
  • 1 Can of Duck Foie Gras with Port, 130grs
  • 1 Can of Sardines in EVOO 16/22 pieces, 120grs "Del Ponto"
  • 1 Bag of Artisan Picos de Jerez 400gr
  • 1 Box of Typical Alciturrian Sweets of 250 grs
  • 1 gift box
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