Squid in its Ink, 120 grs


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Squid in its Ink, 120 grs, Peperetes

What do we find in this product?

This cephalopod requires a careful process of cooking and totally manual cleaning. It is turned over and stuffed with its own tentacles to achieve a set of tender and juicy texture on the palate.

Ideal as a tapa or accompanied by rice, its homemade sauce made with the squid's own ink fascinates everyone who tries it. A true gourmet snack also available in a large 600gr format for the hospitality industry.

Squid in its ink is highly appreciated in Mediterranean Gastronomy where it is considered an authentic delicacy of the highest quality.

The squid are cleaned and the pod is turned over. They are cooked and cooled, and, after packaging, a sauce made from natural squid ink is manually served.

Los Peperetes Galician Canning tradition

Prepared by Peperetes, it evokes something pleasant, appetizing, desired, tasty, different. That is the essence of our products and what you will discover in each of our cans. Our goal is to offer the best quality canned food, at the height of the most exquisite palates.

The process begins with a rigorous selection of the raw material, choosing only fresh products in their optimal season of consumption, supplying us in the best Galician fish and seafood markets with the best qualities and sizes.

From one generation to another one of our great secrets is transmitted: the care in the preparation of each product through artisanal methods, already forgotten in modern industry; that only a limited level of production can be allowed.

The entire process is accompanied by a strict quality control, monitoring both the raw material and the production of each can. Our high levels of demand allow us to offer a unique and high quality artisan product.

Properties of the Squid:

  • Squid is a small squid and, as such, it has similar properties, including being a natural source of protein for the formation and recovery of muscle, bones and tissues, as well as to strengthen antibodies at the defensive level.
  • Squid provide a lot of energy so it is recommended to include them in varied and balanced diets.
  • Squid are rich in calcium and phosphorus, as well as vitamin A and iodine.


Squid (Squid), olive oil, onion, pepper, tomato, salt, wheat flour, ink and spices.

Data sheet
Net Weight111 grs
Weight Drained63 grams
SourceRías gallegas
SauceThe natural

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