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Salt d Gold Flower, 125 grams of Salt, organic, artisan and gourmet. No additives or antiapelmazantes. What do we find in this product? Salt d Gold Flower, The caviar of Salts. Soft and Tasty, unlike any other salt, its texture, its taste... This salt organic is healthier, more tasty and more natural. Collected from the first crystallization, collected from the surface before they precipitate to the bottom. At sunrise or sunset without wind. Unlike any other The salt d the golden Flower, is a gourmet salt, unlike any other. Are thin sheets of salt that float on the salt water. Stands out for its unique texture, due to the weather with the salt in Salinas de Oro, is intended to provide the final touch before serving. It is a salt of a very soft and tasty This salt green of spring comes from the first crystallization and its collection consists of fishing by hand, the crystals floating before they fall. No salt looks like this. It is more scaly and very bright, due to the concentration of minerals. Its richness in trace elements is unique. The more minerals you have more power the food it accompanies. Gironés Hnos " is a company of family origin, that it takes three generations by exploiting the salt flats they own in a small village of Navarre, Salinas de Oro. It is characterized by the artisanal production of salt with spring water. The process uses water deposits of salt, which accumulates in reservoirs, from where it is distributed by small pools. The sun and the air conducted to the evaporation of the water, depositing the salt at the bottom of the pools. The harvesting is done by hand. By using this method is obtained the desired product, is purely natural. Once this process is stored in facilities that the family Gironés owns in Salinas de Oro, from where they carried out marketing and distribution. Properties of the salt d'oro green This Salt is rich in trace elements: magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and iodine. The potassium, calcium and magnesium, help to regulate all cellular functions and especially in the excitability of the heart, muscles and nervous system; it is essential for the movement of the myocardium and activates enzymatic systems. The iodine promotes the functioning of nervous tissue and muscle, as well as the circulatory system. In addition, it assists in the metabolism of other nutrients, and plays an essential role in the proper development of the thyroid gland. Iron is needed for synthesis of hemoglobin and helps in renewal of blood cells. Ingredients *No additives or antiapelmazantes, without pollution

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Weight Drained125 grams

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