Salmuria with Essence of Anchovy Caprice


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Seasoning liquid salting of anchovies.

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Great unknown, the Salmuria of El Capricho collects all the unique flavor of the anchovy during its maturation, and allows us to add it to our preparations, creating unique combinations.

What do we find in this Salmuria of El Capricho?

Inspired by the Roman Garum, the Salmuria from El Capricho, offers us a perfect liquid condiment for cooking, marinating or curing different products.

  • Salmuria.

About the Salmuria of El Capricho:

This amber colored liquid seasoning is obtained during the ripening process of anchovies in salt.

Natural flavor enhancer, salmuria represents the Umami flavor so widely used today in the most avant-garde kitchens, since its great flavor and intensity is perfect for modifying textures or increasing the flavor of seafood among many other applications.

It is believed that it was created by the Cistercian monks of Amalfi in the 13th century inspired by the Roman Garum and today it is widely used in Italian cuisine as a topping on pasta or also with sauteed vegetables.

Canning El Capricho

This canning company has a quarter of a century of experience in the production of this wonderful product. Since its inception, its objective has been to obtain "an anchovy like the old ones" recovering the artisan processes and the knowledge perpetuated after years of tradition.

The first point in which this house applies its quality controls is in the purchase of its raw material, always selecting catch from boats with their traditional fishing boats. Later, they treat bocarte with their greatest virtue, patience. In this way, they let nature mark the maturation times until they reach their characteristic smell, color and unique flavor.

Data sheet
Location of the cannerySantoña (Cantabria) Spain
FormatGlass jar
Net Weight100 ml
SourceCantabrian Sea

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