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Jar of Salmorejo Cordobés, 400 grams, without preservatives or dyes. What do we find in this product? Salmorejo Cordobés, in a jar of 400 grams, a refreshing, nutritious and delicious dish, perfect to enjoy on hot days. Main dish or a perfect complement to other dishes. Eat well chilled and accompanied by iberian ham, chopped, hard-boiled egg chopped and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, you can also spread on a toast of bread to accompany the song of iberian ham, or smoked to taste. Gastronomic tradition Salmorejo cordobés is a very old recipe of the cuisine of cordoba produced from the crushing of tomato, garlic, bread, oil, vinegar and salt, achieving a fine-textured and homogeneous. This delicious product does not carry any preservatives or dyes, completely hand made, following the tradition and with the best raw material. It is a dish ideal to take very cold, perfect for cooling off on hot days. It is usually served with ham and chopped egg. You can also enjoy which is sprinkled on slices of bread of bread and on them the taste of each one, iberian ham, smoked, canned or vegetables. Pantry the our belongs to the cooperative Packaged Lola S. C., which emerged in 1995. So they formed a group of five women with the intention of creating jobs for women in Villarrubia, Córdoba. Their goal was to provide cooked meals to help families save time but not skimp on the power of the family, offering quality products at an affordable price. Their products are made from raw materials obtained directly from the orchard in cordoba, carrying out a kitchen artisan, no preservatives or dyes providing the highest quality, following the culinary tradition of Andalusia. As a result of the effort by the quality, craftsmanship and care to the raw materials the company obtained the recognition of Certified Quality, a brand that promotes those products with a differentiated quality. Properties of salmorejo Salmorejo cordobés is a dish very rich in vegetable fiber, which aids digestion, and vitamin C and E. it Is a natural source of antioxidant because of the tomatoes, that also keep their properties intact, vitamins and minerals, as they are not processed with the use of heat. The olive oil provides fatty acids, heart-healthy, and the garlic gives it a vasodilator effect very beneficial for the circulation. When you add ham got a large supply of iron, protein and vitamin B12, and with the egg more high quality protein and vitamins of group B Ingredients Tomato, bread (wheat flour, water, salt and yeast), extra virgin olive oil, garlic, wine vinegar and salt.

Data sheet
FormatGlass jar
Net Weight400 grs
SourceCordoba, Spain

El salmorejo cordobés es una receta muy versátil que sirve como plato principal, como acompañamiento y guarnición de un segundo plato o como salsa.

Se puede acompañar de jamón y huevo picado o disfrutar untándolo en tostas de pan y sobre ellas al gusto de cada uno, ibéricos, ahumados, conservas o vegetales.

Agitar y servirse frío. Un plato refrescante para los días de calor.

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