Premium Smoked Salmon 200 gr.


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A salmon raised in the Norwegian Fjords with a natural and unique flavor that will make your mind travel to Norway.

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Premium Smoked Salmon 200 gr.

What do we find in this product?

Tasty smoked salmon raised in the Norwegian fjords and smoked with noble woods, ideal to enjoy with numerous dishes and give them supreme flavor and quality.

  • Bred in the Norwegian Fjords in a sustainable and responsible way.
  • Without Antibiotics.
  • Non-GMO: Genetic Modifications
  • Incredible flavor and texture.

They are raised in areas of marine current which favors their natural movement. In addition, The Salmon Market works with reduced numbers of specimens on their farms.

To obtain this very delicate product, they smoke the salmon by friction with noble woods at a low temperature, carefully controlling it to maintain its original flavor and unalterable characteristics.

From the beginning, The Salmon Market

The Salmon Market has many years of experience as a producer. Its company philosophy is based on contributing as much as possible to achieve a fairer world by distributing its products to suppliers and small companies and always using a sustainable fishing system.

They work with Norwegian farmers and fishermen who love what they do and provide the best feed for salmon.


Salmon stands out for its high omega3 content, which reduces cardiac risk, helps lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels and increases blood fluidity, which prevents thrombi and clots.

It is rich in protein which helps a good muscle development as well as being a great source of vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional values (100gr)

Energy values771Kj / 184kcal
Fats:10.80 g
of which saturated fatty acids2.50 g
Carbohydrates0.15 g
Sugar0.15 g
Protein21.80 g
Salt1.32 g


Salmon, salt, sugar and oak wood smoke.

Data sheet
Net Weight200 grams
SourceNorwegian Fjords
AllergensFish, Gluten-Free
ConservationBetween 0º and 4º

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