Arroz Carnaroli, Saco 1 kg


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Brown rice, 1 kg What do we find in this product? This brown rice comes from the typical varieties of Spanish. Exceptionally healthy, rich in dietary fiber, vitamin a and other essential items. Main features: Integral Healthy, rich in fiber and vitamins Perfect for paella of vegetables or salads Protected designation of origin Valencia Rice A rice of great quality and taste, very recommended for healthy diets or vegetarian. It is a rice-perfect for side dishes and salads, or paella with vegetables. To enjoy all its flavor it is recommended to allow to soak the previous night and boil with excess water for approximately 30 minutes. Designation of Origin Rice from Valencia Valencia has been the cradle of the cultivation rice in Spain and their introduction is attributed to the arabs during the VIII century. Within Valencia, the region of Swedish and lands next to the Albufera of Valencia, are the oldest and most traditional. The rice varieties protected by the Denomination of Origin Rice from Valencia offers an endless amount of possibilities in the kitchen, fulfilling to perfection its main attribute: lead the palate, with all of its potential, the combo of flavors of each of the ingredients with which we have accompanied the rice. The D. O required to have cultivated rice in the natural environment is suitable, with an irrigation system that favours the maturation homogeneous grain reaching the highest quality industrial and culinary. Benefits of diets based on rice The power of asian rice-based is known worldwide as a healthy food and clean, ideal for any agency. This belief is not wrong, since rice is a well of benefits for our body. - Cardiovascular health, the bran oil of rice have antioxidant properties that promote strength cardiovascular by reducing the cholesterol levels in the body. - Energy source, is abundant in carbohydrates, it acts as fuel for the body and helps in the normal functioning of the brain. Carbohydrates are essential to be metabolized by the body and converted to usable energy functional. - Cholesterol-free, has low levels of fat, cholesterol and sodium and help to reduce obesity and the health problems associated with being overweight. - Diuretic and digestive. As a diuretic, rice husk can help you lose the excess water, the elimination of toxins from the body, such as uric acid, and even lose weight. The high fiber content also increases the regularity of bowel movement and protects against several types of cancer, as well as reducing the chances of cardiovascular diseases - Care of the skin, can be applied topically to cure certain skin diseases. In India, rice water is prescribed as easily by physicians as an ointment effective to cool the surfaces of the skin swollen. The phenolic compounds that are found in rice, particularly brown rice or wild , have anti - inflammatory properties, so they are also good to soothe irritation and redness. It also helps to delay the onset of wrinkles and other premature signs of aging

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Net Weight1 kg
SourceValencia, Spain
Protected designation of originValencia rice

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