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Raf Soufflé Salad In 420 gr Jar

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Discover the exquisite flavors and perfect texture of Suflí Desuflí Salad, made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, without additives, the real handmade .Cultivated in selected fields to ensure a final product of exceptional flavor and guaranteed authenticity.

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Sufli Raf Salad In Jar 420 gr

Discover: Suflí Salad Raf Desuflí

Discover the exquisite flavors and perfect texture of the Sufli Raf Desuflí Salad . Each bite is a unique sensory experience, offering delicate sweetness balanced with gently crunchy touches. Ideal to taste directly or as a sublime complement to your favorite dishes.

Taking advantage of the exquisite flavors of our land and the incomparable quality of our tomatoes, we have reinvented our emblematic souffli salad. This version elevates flavor and authenticity to a new level, offering a true pleasure to the palate and ensuring a final product of exceptional flavor and guaranteed authenticity.

Suflí Salad, also known as "Suffí Fry", is the most emblematic and iconic product of our brand. This exquisite dish is the perfect combination between the sweetness of the cooked raf tomato and the smoky touch of the charcoal-roasted pepper , creating an intense and balanced flavor that will surprise you with its freshness and unique texture .

Each bite of the Raf Suflí Salad is a sensory experience, seasoned with just a touch of lemon juice and salt to enhance its natural flavors. This delicacy, simple but deliciously authentic, will conquer you from the first moment, becoming an essential on your table.

History and Production: Sufli Raf Desuflí Salad

The Raf Desuflí Sufli Salad is made by a company with a tradition in creating gourmet products. Committed to quality, this salad is the result of an artisanal process that uses only top-quality ingredients, grown in selected fields to ensure a final product with exceptional flavor and guaranteed authenticity.


Desuflí was born in 1985, in the heart of the Alto Almanzora region, in the idyllic town of Suflí.

In a gesture of appreciation for local tradition, the founders of the company decided to highlight and publicize the artisanal preserves that for years the inhabitants of the region had prepared for their enjoyment. These delicacies were carefully made from vegetables grown on the banks of the Almanzora River, nourished by its waters and caressed by the summer sun.

Since then, Desuflí has continued this story of passion and authenticity , bringing with it the unique essence of Suflí to every corner.

Desuflí's philosophy and its first objective have always been to make 100% artisanal products using vegetables and fruits from their land, devotedly following the traditional methods transmitted by generations of parents and grandparents.

"At the heart of our mission lies the purity of our products, which is why we renounce the use of preservatives, colorants, thickeners or any other additives ."

The real handmade

We preserve the exceptional quality and flavor of our products by implementing the classic culinary techniques of a water bath, traditionally known as a “Marie Bath.”


Raf tomato, charcoal roasted pepper, lemon juice, salt

Uses and Pairings: Raf Suflí Salad

  • Perfect complement to meats and cheeses : Its natural sweetness contrasts and enhances the flavors.
  • Ideal for aperitifs : Accompany it with a glass of sparkling or white wine.
  • Innovative in salads : Add it to your salads for a sweet and crunchy touch.

Nutritional values:

Energy Value: 102 kj/ 24 kcal

Fat: <0.01g

Saturated fat: <0.01g

Carbohydrates: 5.20 g

Sugars: 2.70 g

Proteins: 0.80 g

Salt: 0.43g

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