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Flesh of fruit and quince accompanied by nuts. Ideal for desserts, summer, acompañalo cheese, jam or plug-in that you like the most! What do we find in this product? Much more than a delicious dessert The quince is the fleshy fruit of golden yellow color which is obtained from the quince. It has a surface covered by a cleared cottony and a pulp yellowish and rough, which contains in its interior seed mucilage. This pulp is very aromatic, with a delicate aroma of honey, but its flavor is very acid, which does not usually eat the quince raw. There are several varieties of quince that are differentiated by their taste, consistency, time of maturity and shape. The quinces are eaten only after cooking, often in the form of jams, jellies, or dulce de membrillo. Its high content of pectins makes them very appropriate for the preparation of this type of preparations, without the need of adding other products gelatinous to achieve a proper consistency. Why not consume the quinces as fresh fruit? Because they have a flavor highly acid and a low digestibility due to their high insoluble fiber content. In addition, the presence of pectin in this fruit to get the right consistency in the preparation of marmalades and jams, without adding other substances, thickeners. Properties: rich, healthy, and makes you feel happy If you like the sweet or quince jelly, you should know that this fruit is not only delicious, but also has many nutritional properties. Discover for what is good about the quince and how you can take advantage of its benefits. - Is low in calories. The quince, as to its composition, it stands out by its high content of calories, which is not exactly a fruit with a lot of contribution of sugar. - It is rich in minerals. This is one of the properties of the quince most important for your nutrition: it has an excellent level of potassium (great for preventing cramps, regulate the nervous system, etc), and calcium (to strengthen bones). - Provides a lot of fiber. The main benefits of the quince come from the hand of its high content of fiber, especially pectin and mucilage, in addition to tannins. This becomes astringent, and an excellent digestive. It is usually very employed to combat diarrhea, soothe the digestive system and even stimulate the functioning liver. - Has a high content of malic acid. This component, very good for removing the uric acid, it is not very common. Fortunately, the ginger it contains. Products from la mancha in best quality Jespep is a company specialized in the manufacture of products from la mancha. Since 1980 working with the aim of giving to know and to taste the gastronomy of la mancha fully respecting the traditional cuisine, using the finest raw materials to ensure superior quality. To complete the craft, have given the product an image of craftsmanship and as attractive as possible, thus achieving a good result in the end-point of purchase becoming in this way a leading brand in the sector. Ingredients Pulp of quince, sugar, walnuts, gelling agent, acidifier and preservative

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