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Torta del Casar PDO cheese, gluten-free.

What do we find in this product?

Torta del Casar cheese is a well-known cheese with PDO from the province of Cáceres. Its main distinguishing quality from other cheeses is its creamy texture with a greasy, melting character and soft or no graininess.

Main features:

  • Made with merino and entrefina sheep's milk.
  • A creamy texture, being a soft-spreadable paste.
  • Intense flavor, melting on the palate, slightly bitter.
  • Intense flavor, melting on the palate, slightly bitter ..

A surprising, smooth and multi-choice cheese with a PDO of teat cheese. Enjoy this jewel of Galician gastronomy, a surprising cheese, which its usual way of tasting is to remove the upper crust as if it were a lid, and spread the inside. Enjoy this jewel of gastronomy.

Protected Denomination of Origin Torta del Casar

The cake of the casar is a cheese made with raw sheep's milk from merino and entrefino trunks, coagulating with vegetable rennet from Cynara cardunculus thistle, with a minimum maturity of 60 days

Geographic Zone:

The geographical area of milk production and the production of Torta del Casar includes the province of Cáceres, Extremadura.

Both the milk production and the cheese making, including the curdling, cutting, molding, pressing, salting and ripening phases, must be carried out in Cáceres.

Traditional and artisan recipe

Torta del Casar is a cheese made in Cáceres, (Extremadura, Spain) with raw sheep's milk.

Its semi-hard rind is defined and well differentiated from the pasta, with a color in ocher tones without adding colorants. The paste is soft to very soft in consistency, with a yellowish color. The texture, its fundamental differentiating quality of this cheese, is a moderate or high creaminess, melting and no or soft graininess.

It is shaped like a cylinder with a height of 5-7 cm and a diameter depending on the small or large size of 11-13 cm or 14-17 cm


Raw sheep's milk, natural vegetable rennet and salt.

Data sheet
SourceCáceres, Spain
Protected designation of originTorta del Casar
Tipo de LecheLeche de Oveja
Zona de ProducciónExtremadura

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