Paprika of la Vera sweet and Sour, with D. O. P. 125 grs


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Paprika Bittersweet, D. O. P Of the Vera, 125 grams, BSB. What do we find in this product? Paprika of la Vera Sweet spice, stronger than the sweet paprika by what to use with greater moderation to get a touch tasty and delicious. To prepare octopus with potatoes, sushi with octopus, patatas bravas, pork shoulder with turnip tops... The Paprika of la Vera Agridulcecon a taste, a color and a stability that gives the perfect touch to the meal. A spice quality, with a reddish color, we can add in different dishes, getting a touch sweet and sour on our plates. A traditional product, handmade with a stronger flavor than the sweet paprika, so used sparingly to get the special touch and distinctive and not spend. An ideal condiment to add in cooked, fabadas, dishes of potatoes, rice, fried eggs and many other recipes. The la Vera paprika is a handmade product, unique in concept and development is concerned, having reached the status of “Protected Designation of Origin”. With this distinction, the Paprika of la Vera gives worth to its excellent properties of quality and preparation, offering a product brimming with nature and flavor, selected under a rigorous quality control. History and tradition The company Benito Sánchez Borja S. L is dedicated to the purchase, rework and sale of peppers for paprika, spices, yarn, and rope-making since the year 1954. Is the owner of the trademark “Spring” and “Primabor”, the latter being host to the Protected Denomination of Origin "Paprika of la Vera" Properties of paprika Paprika has a high iron content, which helps to prevent the anémia, it is rich in potassium which helps good circulation, regulating blood pressure, and can help prevent disease or rheumatic arthritis. Besides having a high content of zinc that helps in the process of growth, and is beneficial for the immune system and the healing of wounds and helps to metabolize protein. Contains a lot of Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3,B5, B6, and K, possessing properties anticancerosas, reducing cholesterol and stress, and is beneficial for the immune system and for proper clotting of the blood.

Data sheet
Net Weight125 grams
SourceExtremadura, Spain
Protected designation of originVera

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