Peaks Artisans of Garlic and Olive Oil 200 grams


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Peaks artisans of garlic and Olive Oil What do we find in this product? Some magnificent peaks, handcrafted with garlic and olive oil, a product great to accompany a ifinidad of dishes. Quality from its source to your house(Your story) Franjuba is a company with history and quality. Founded in 1948 from a wheat mill, became a bakery in Jerez de la Frontera. Its evolution and expansion hixzo that Franjuba extended its production with the pastry, and throughout the 90's, they enhanced their development in the peaks of bread in the traditional way. These peaks have been met with great appreciation by the consumers came to market internationally thanks to its quality. Franjuba Bread conceives of the quality as a fundamental principle that inspires the entire manufacturing process, from the selection of raw materials to the final sale of their products. Have recently obtained the seal of Quality Certified Organic, responding to the demands of consumers in terms of quality, safety and respect for the environment Flavor in the core, the spikes of bread The peaks are an accompaniment typical of the andalusian community. The texture of crusty bread is used to accompany tapas of ham and cheese. The daily life and simple pleasure of tapas reaches its maximum expression thanks to some of the most humble but iconic bakery Spanish. It is common that the peaks are produced with a hard mass, refined, requiring their handling to roller, so that your homebrewing needs of muscle and patience. It is bread sticks with a low water content in its interior. Due to this the hard consistency of its interior that closely resembles that of the rusks. Could be made to the following description of some of the references more features, although there are significant variations in the products of certain companies and other, in function of the recipe that each one applies to you: - Spikes: the form of a stick, short, thick, medium to fine; light color, and hardness which varies according to the types, little bit crunchy. - Peaks artisans or country: the form of dough rolled up slightly curved and a little irregular; color, clear, not too tan, and of average hardness, not too crispy. - Hard spikes is: form of a half-stick oblate, of medium thickness; color clear, and quite harshly, very crunchy to the bite. - Regañás: flat shape and rectangular shape; golden color and crunchy texture but little resistant to breakage when biting. - Donuts: donut, circular thickness, medium to fine; golden color and crunchy texture but little resistant to breakage when biting. Ingredients Wheat flour, water, salt, yeast, olive oil, granulated garlic.

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Net Weight200 grams
SourceJerez de la Frontera, Spain

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