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Pate de Carabineros What do we find in this product? An excellent taste of the mediterranean sea and the mussels of Galicia, a mixture of sensations of the sea that make this pâté of police in a mouthful of sensations. Elaborated of traditional way, without preservatives or dyes, this pâté will be a true dining experience at your table. Handmade The development of this deli is limited and developed the traditional way. This is a dish to enjoy their flavor, either at home or in the restaurant. Both the raw materials and quality controls to meet successfully the expectations of a food such as this. Discovering the carabineros The carabiner clip is a crustacean of great size and striking red color. Morphologically is similar to other crustaceans, like the prawn or the shrimp, but l mean length of the carabiner clip is usually around 10-20 cm in males and up to 30 centimeters in the case of females. It lives in the cold waters or temperate of all oceans. In our environment, spans the coasts of the eastern Atlantic, from Portugal to south Africa. The former policeman did not have a special interest culinary, captured accidentally when fishing for other species, so their price was very affordable. Currently, with interest in gastronomic itself, because of its deep flavour and its intense color and characteristic, which has made the price of the carabiner clip will increase significantly. How to eat it and why What we can find on sale throughout the year. The flesh of the policeman is less fine than that of species such as prawns or shrimp, however, its intense flavour of the sea is stronger. The greater part of this flavor lies in its large head, which is excellent for the preparation of broths, soups and creams, which gives a curious color. The carabiner clip is a food with a nutrient composition interesting. Its edible portion is 60%, and has a caloric intake moderate. The proteins are of high biological value, that is, they contain all the essential amino acids. Of your lipid profile should highlight the contribution of Omega 3, as well as the contribution of cholesterol, so people with high levels of it in blood should moderate the consumption of these foods. In terms of mineral content, highlights the potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Ingredients Seafood (mussel, policeman, shrimp), seaweed, dried vegetables, sulfites and salt.

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