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Ties Unquera, 10 units What do we find in this product? Authentic ties Unquera, made by hand with top quality products by the children of Manuel Canal, inventor of the ties. 10 delicious ties that will surprise you. Typical sweet from Cantabria for breakfast or coffee. The ties, what are they and why The ties Unquera are a sweet as well-known at the national level, a delicious pastry prepared in the cantabrian town of the traditional shape, about 15 cm long, with the shape of a tie or bow tie. What tie?, it was so called due to the decorative knot that was referring to the simplicity of the puff pastry, and the similarity with the stylish add-on. Its flavor joins the pastry crisp layer of sugar glasa with almonds, a true delight to delight our palate. Without a doubt, its strange shape catches the attention of many, there are anecdotes that explain what could be the origin of the development of the ties Unquera: They say that a pastry chef in the area, with the idea of using the leftover bits of puff pastry other products, decided to twist the strips of dough for baking with a different shape to that produced normally. A woman bought the candy, which, by then, had no name. When the woman returned, days later, by more of those sweets that had called the attention of the person in charge did not even remembered. The way that had the woman drive that point home it was: a form of “corbatinas”, ruled his name. Ingredients Wheat flour, butter, sugar, egg white, almond and salt.

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Net Weight400 grs
SourceCantabria, Spain

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