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Octopus with Paprika, 120 grs

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Octopus with Paprika, 120 grs, Peperetes

What do we find in this product?

We receive the fresh octopus from the best Galician markets. Once in our facilities we proceed to clean it for subsequent freezing. A necessary process to break the fibers of your meat and thus achieve the appropriate tenderness.

After the time necessary to reach the desired tenderness, the pieces are cooked with water, salt and onion for the appropriate time according to size. After cooking, drain and cool for a few hours, then cut it and present it neatly, incorporating the Galician sauce AJADA, based on olive oil, paprika and garlic for excellent conservation.

Los Peperetes Galician Canning tradition

Prepared by Peperetes, it evokes something pleasant, appetizing, desired, tasty, different. That is the essence of our products and what you will discover in each of our cans. Our goal is to offer the best quality canned food, at the height of the most exquisite palates.

The process begins with a rigorous selection of the raw material, choosing only fresh products in their optimal season of consumption, supplying us in the best Galician fish and seafood markets with the best qualities and sizes.

From one generation to another one of our great secrets is transmitted: the care in the preparation of each product through artisanal methods, already forgotten in modern industry; that only a limited level of production can be allowed.

The entire process is accompanied by a strict quality control, monitoring both the raw material and the production of each can. Our high levels of demand allow us to offer a unique and high quality artisan product.

Octopus Properties:

  • Regarding its properties, the vitamins it provides you range from group B to C. The latter is well known for its antioxidant capabilities, citrus fruits contain large amounts of this vitamin; but in this condiment you will find more than in any of these fruits.
  • The minerals present in greater quantities are phosphorus, magnesium or calcium. All of them are necessary for your body to perform its functions normally. Phosphorus works with B vitamins to contract muscles and send nerve impulses; As for magnesium, this is a mineral that also helps the muscles, including the heart, function smoothly. Calcium is essential for the formation of bones and for them to maintain their strength.
  • Finally, paprika strengthens the immune defenses, it is present in the formation of collagen, teeth, bones, hair and nails; It also has some analgesic power, especially when it comes to reducing the effects of rheumatism or arthritis. Also, if you are looking to burn fat, the spicy variety is the one that helps the most.


Octopus, extra virgin olive oil, paprika and salt.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Net Weight
120 grams
Weight Drained
85 grams
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