Mussels from Galicia in Marinade 8/12 pieces 120 g Of Pontus


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Pickled mussels, tin 120 grs, 8/12 pieces. Galician Mussel PDO. Without gluten

What do we find in this product?

Mussels from the Galician rias, selected and packed by hand. Coming from the Ria de Arousa, these mussels are the result of a special selection work and the elaboration of a balanced marinade.

Unique philosophy (YOUR STORY)

Conservas Del Ponto was born with the clear philosophy of betting on the good product , on our product, an artisan product, made with our ingredients that are of the highest quality and following traditional and artisanal production processes.

We have the ingredient, the elaboration, the tradition and the quality, our job now is to put everything together and put it at the top and reach where the gastronomic product of our country deserves. We carefully select from the source and throughout the process we do a special follow-up so that our products are of the highest quality, taking care of all the development development. More than 30 years in the canning sector helps us to know the good product now we have to put it in the position it deserves.

Mussel properties

Canned mussels have a very tasty and nutritious meat, contrary to what many people think, mussels are easy to digest. It is a preserve that feeds without gaining weight, because they have very few carbohydrates and almost no fat.

This food belongs to the group of shellfish and derivatives. Mussels are a food rich in vitamin B12 since 100 g. of this food contain 8 ug. of vitamin B12. The abundance of iodine that can be found in this food is beneficial for our metabolism, regulating our energy level and the correct functioning of cells. In addition, the iodine in mussels helps to take care of ourselves inside, regulating our cholesterol. Being a food rich in iodine, it also helps to process carbohydrates, strengthen hair, skin and nails.

Pregnant women or nursing babies can benefit from the beneficial effects of this food since mussels have a high amount of vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin . The consumption of this food can also help people with stomach problems thanks to its high amount of vitamin B12.


Mussels, olive oil, vinegar, wine, salt, natural aroma and bay leaf

*Without gluten

Data sheet
Net Weight111 grs
Weight Drained69 grams
SourceGalician Mussels
Protected designation of originMussel of Galicia
Size MusselLarge

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