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Melon and Mint Jam ECO 270 grs

What do we find in this melon and mint jam?

If you are in love with this sweet delicacy, you cannot miss this surprising mixture.

The delicate sweetness of the seasonal melon and the freshness of the mint give this jam some unique and unexpected nuances of flavor .

Canned Gardeniers

Gardeniers jams, preserves and caramelised products are a discovery for the palate, because they combine flavors and ingredients from the products of their organic garden .

The health and quality bonus is guaranteed, because its cooking is done at the moment of harvest , as is the qualitative, responsible and social character of Gardeniers.

 Gardeniers offers fresh seasonal products , which are harvested at the right moment of ripeness for immediate service.

With criteria of sustainability with the environment and respectful with nature, they are grown without chemical products, thus enhancing all their flavor and freshness and granting them the ECO category.

Gardeniers social work

Gardeniers is a special employment center dedicated to gardening and organic farming in which the vast majority of people with disabilities work . They cultivate all their gardens with the highest sustainability criteria to obtain the best products.

Properties and Benefits of Melon Jam

  • Its first and main characteristic is how moisturizing it is, since the fruit from which it is split is 90% water.
  • Its main contribution is potassium, essential for muscle growth.
  • Thanks to its freshly collected cooking, this jam contains all the nutrients of melon, a quality that industrial jams lack.


 Melon * (prepared with 65 grams of Melon per 100g), cane sugar *, water, lemon juice *, agar agar * and mint *

* It comes from organic farming

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FormatGlass jar
Net Weight266 grams

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