Grilled Mussels in Pickled 10-11, 185gr


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Grilled Mussels in Pickled 10-11, 185gr Güeyumar

What do we find in this product?

Large mussels braised with eucalyptus wood and canned with pickled sauce made with extra virgin olive oil Arbequino de Torre Canena and aromatic apple cider vinegar.

Quality from its origin to your home (its history).

Canned Güeyumar

This project was born from the chef Abel Álvarez's passion for reinventing the canning world and changing the perception of "eating from a can".

From his restaurant Güeyumar, this kitchen expert braises the best seafood on his grill, giving them the best rest and incredible aromas of birch, beech, oak and eucalyptus wood for later canning.

Properties of Mussels

  • They strengthen the immune system thanks to its high contribution of vitamin A.
  • Mussels are a nutritious treasure rich in vitamin C and phosphorus, which makes them perfect allies to strengthen our bones and teeth.
  • It has more omega-3 fatty acid than any other seafood and much more than meat.


Mussels and pickled sauce (extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, onion, paprika and spices)

Data sheet
OilExtra Virgin Olive
Net Weight185 grams
SourceAsturias, Spain
Size MusselLarge

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