Medium Picón Bejes-Tresviso Cheese, 240 Grams.Approx.


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Half a cheese picón Bejes-Tresviso D. O. P. What do we find in this product? The picón Bejes-Tresviso cheese is a cheese from the blue family, a cheese of intense flavor with a somewhat spicy, a smell characteristic for the process of developing natural. Main features: Cheese texture semi-soft, that we can spread, combine with bread, sausages, and even sweet to appreciate all its nuances. A cheese's flavor and scent strong. Features verdaceos-blue, due to its natural ageing process with spores. If you like the cheese of intense flavour, this is a cheese to enjoy, a real gem with a protected designation of origin of picón Bejes-Tresviso cheese, a cheese of similar characteristics, the Cabrales cheese, as they are elaborated in the mountains very nearby, Cantabria and Asturias. Enjoy medium cheese picón Bejes-Tresviso. Awards Gold medal world cheese 2009 gold Medal of the III tasting food 90 Protected designation of origin cheese picón Bejes-Tresviso The milk will be whole and clean, cow, sheep or goat, or mixtures of two or of the three types of milk. The proportion will be obliged, depending on the season of the year, while the Regulatory Council will recommend the perfect blend, to get the balanced composition in fat and proteins. Geographical area The production area for milk suitable for the development of the ‘Picón Bejes-Tresviso Cheese’, comprises the municipal areas of the Region of Liébana: Potes, Pesaguero, Cabezón de Liébana, Camaieño, Castro Cillorigo, Tresviso and Vega de Liébana and to the Municipality of Peñarrubia, in the southwest of the Autonomous Community of Cantabria. Authentic Cheese Picón de Tresviso Cheese of Cantabria, picos de Europa. The area of development and maturation of the Picón Bejes-Tresviso, coincides with the area of production A traditional recipe and artisan. Cheese Picón Bejes-Tresviso is a blue cheese made in Cantabria (Spain) from cow's milk. Has the shape of a cylinder. Its height is 7 to 15 inches; diameter, 15 to 20 cm; its weight, 700-2.800 grams. The crust is thin, and gray with areas of yellow-green. The pasta is greasy, compact, and with eyes, of white color with areas and veins of a greenish blue color. Its flavor is slightly spicy. This picón cheese is sold wrapped in leaves of plágano (Acer pseudoplatanus), currently sold wrapped in foil gilded gold and the legends Cheese Picon Bejes Tresviso Ingredients Raw Cow's milk, rennet, milk enzymes, rennet, penicilium, and salt.

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Net Weight240 grams
Protected designation of originPicón Bejes-Tresviso cheese
Tipo de LecheMezcla de Leches

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