Gourmet Christmas Lot 11


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Gourmet Christmas Lot # 11

What do we find in this Christmas Gourmet Lot?

Our lots are the greatest representation of greatness and splendor.

All of them made up of the best of our products, they are fabulous gifts for both companies and family or friends or, why not, to give yourself a gift.

Content of the Christmas Gourmet Lot No. 11

  • 1 Artisanal Nougat Yema, Monerris 300gr
  • 1 Artisan Nougat Jijona, Monerris 300gr
  • 1 Alicante Artisan Nougat, Monerris 300gr
  • 1 Can of Cantabrian Anchovies Limited Series, 120gr Del Ponto
  • 1 Jar of Cranberry Jam with Cinnamon, 240gr
  • 1 Can of Duck Foie Gras Pate with Port, 130gr
  • 1 Can of Asparagus from Navarra PGI 8-12 fruits
  • 1 Can of Galician Mussels in Pickled 8/12 pieces, Del Ponto
  • 1 Can of Artisan Lobster Pate, 100gr
  • 1 Can of Sardines in EVOO 16/22 pieces, Del Ponto
  • 1 Jar of White Tuna in olive oil 600gr, Catalina
  • 1 Jar of Piquillo Peppers in Strips with Oil and Garlic
  • 1 Jar of Sweet Paprika de la Vera PDO, 125gr
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