Loins of Sturgeon in olive oil, 110 grams


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Sturgeon Soul in extra virgin olive oil, 110grs What do we find in this product? A delicacy for the palate. The sturgeon soul, canned in extra virgin olive oil is produced entirely handmade, taking care of every detail with the utmost sensitivity and respect to the raw material. These loins of sturgeon originate from copies of little more than a year, raised in Spain in compliance with the highest quality standards. They are tender and tasty to be a true delicacy for the palate. Main features:Craft. A unique texture, soft and fine. White meat and consistent, tender and very juicy. Exquisite flavour and deep. Extra virgin olive oil. Without preservatives or dyes.Perfect to serve alone or to incorporate into other dishes and provide them with your great taste and smoothness. Benefits of the sturgeon health:High content of Omega-3 that lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, helping to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Source of protein and phosphorus. Their meat has heart-healthy properties.Exquisite simplicity The cannery El Capricho is located in Santoña. His story is simple, a story about a quirk, a whim, people who wanted to recover the tradition that had almost been forgotten. *Keep refrigerated once opened The whole process is carried out in the same facilities, to ensure that it meets its goal of quality and excellence. In these facilities is where they get the catch of the day, treat the raw materials with care and craftsmanship made the production so that you can go direct to the client. Of this way guarantee a quality 100%, treating the products with care, hand-made, cleaning it completely. Ingredients Sturgeon, extra virgin olive oil and salt.
Data sheet
Location of the cannerySantoña (Cantabria) Spain
Net Weight110 grams
Weight Drained80 grams
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