Honey liquor of Liébana 50 cl


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Honey liquor What do we find in this product? Honey liquor, hand-crafted with Pomace brandy distilled in their warehouse and Heather Honey. A honey liquor completely natural, without artificial additives or colorings. Great flavor, fresh, it is recommended to take very cold to be enjoyed best. "They made the honey liquor to the mouth of the donkey" Isabel Garcia grew up in Liébana, and has grown with the culture of the grape, which began with her grandmother Justina. His parents were devoted to the destileria of Orulisa, and when he had to take charge of the company, bearing in mind that it is a legacy, a responsibility, and of course a great privilege to keep the tradition, finished form, learning from the best. Decided to take the step of creating a new brand within the company where you make your personal project, with the name "Justina de Liébana" as a tribute to her grandmother, from whom he learned. A brand with a new image, with sayings and clever phrases own of Justina.

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SourceLiébana, Cantabria
Bottle50 cl

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