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Natural razor clams from the Galician estuaries 6 / 8,125 grs


Razor clams from the best areas of the Galician estuaries, a product that preserves all its quality, freshness and flavor in this delicious preserve. It is made manually one by one by expert canning hands in its exclusive natural water, the juice released by the razors is impregnated, which makes it preserve a product of the highest quality and unique flavor.

Razor clams, like other bivalve mollusks, contain very little fat. They are a modest source of vitamins of group B, A and D. It also stands out for its contribution of minerals such as iron and sodium.

Canned Dardo, Galician seafood

Even before sailing the seas, man learned to recognize its innumerable riches, thus discovering arts that we still appreciate today.

From those good seamanship customs, sown with skill and tenacity, we obtain a precious legacy, which, merging tradition and technique, allows us to continue enjoying all the flavor of our waters.

With the wisdom of experience, men and women have passed on their knowledge to us.

It is the result of a job well done, of shared love for the sea, the cradle of dreams and efforts.

Combining tradition and technique, incorporating the latest advances to preserve the best of the sea. This goal that we make ours is the reason for our work, the way to pay tribute to those who have made it possible with their effort that we can all recognize the magic of its flavor and those, like you, want to continue enjoying it.

Continuing a commitment to quality is now the promise of the future, expanding our range of flavor so that you can continue tasting the excellence of the best harvests of our


Razors, water and salt.

Data sheet
Location of the cannerySantoña (Cantabria) Spain
Net Weight115 grams
Weight Drained69 grams
SourceCantabrian Sea
SauceThe natural

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