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Heather honey Organic and craft production from the mountains Cantabrian. What do we find in this product? Heather honey organic with the seal of the regulatory council The honey is a product 100% natural and artisanal, and more so in this case that is certified by the seal of ecological agriculture of Cantabria and the seal of artisans. Which means that it contains only honey, no additives, true taste of honey, which gives, in 2013, the prestigious Great Taste the best flavor of honey 2013. The Heather honey is one of the most beneficial for health, rich in iron, highly recommended in cases of fluid retention, rheumatism, problems of cystitis, anti-inflammatory of the urinary system and stones in kidney. Rich in mineral content and finally recomedada for heart disease. Definitely a sweet treat, not fattening, and if it benefits. A teaspoon of flavor and health. Because of heather honey crafted by hand with eco-friendly techniques involved saves in addition to the real taste of traditional honey, the same who were once beekeepers cantabrians, a value added to a product natural, highly nutritional and free from additives. Over the years, as artisans we improve our techniques of organic production with the help of tireless and healthy bees, helped by the quality of the heather and the extraordinary natural environment of our mountains. We have reached the true taste of the honeys and eco-heather. It is a honey very particular in terms of its intense flavor and its color. The view has a strong color, mahogany is darker than the rest of their varieties. Level dietary has a high content of principles minerals. Like all honey, it brings a lot of energy, if you well, the heather honey is also a very healthy level diuretic and cardiovascular. It is ideal in the preparation of all kinds of desserts and pastries for your particular taste. Organic product and artisanal elaborated in Cantabria The products are made with natural ingredients and of first quality. From their own farm, located in Selaya, Cantabria. Following a traditional development process, the sobaos and quesadas, depart from our workshop every day of the week. The first step in making these delicious sweets, it is the preparation of the dough for each product, as has been done over the years in the houses pas district. With the mass performed for each product, it is inserted in the escudilladora that added to the weights of the products to be produced. Then proceed to bake the trays with the fresh dough in its different formats. Ending with the packaging and packaging each of the products. So easy to are made the authentic sobaos pasiegos of Cantabria, with tradition and the best raw materials. 100 % handmade, a unique delicacy. Awards GREAT TASTE 2017. 2 STARS TO THE HONEY OF HEATHER GREEN. GREAT TASTE 2014. 3-STAR (HIGHEST DISTINCTION OF THE COMPETITION) TO THE HONEY OF HEATHER GREEN. GREAT TASTE 2013. GREAT TASTE. GOLD MEDAL HIGH QUALITY IN THE VII INTERNATIONAL CONTEST BIOLMIEL 2013 (ITALY). SILVER MEDAL HIGH QUALITY IN THE VII INTERNATIONAL CONTEST BIOLMIEL 2013 (ITALY).
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