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Forest honey 500 g What do we find in this product? Natural honey for meadow. Ideal for any occasion, great sweetening power. In its taste you will enjoy the different touches that gives each ingredient, mostly brown. Ingredients of the highest quality No preservatives or additives Traditional taste Color reddish-brown Natural honey vs. Honey industrial There is a big difference in the manufacturing of natural honey and the honey industry. Honey industrial is pasteurized, which prevents the crystallize, but reduces its quality greatly, destroying their properties more beneficial for your health as it is your power, antioxidant or antibiotic. Is manipulated in a way that will blend honeys from different and unknown sources, which often have not been subjected to the controls that are required in our country. The natural honey however keeps all its natural properties due to which control the temperatures so that it does not alter their properties subjected to high temperatures or to other types of processes. You also get areas of blooms that come with the quality guarantee of its origin. Properties of honey from natural forest to the health Strong antioxidant power. What protects you from free radicals, causing the aging process and disease of the cells. It is a natural antibacterial that possesses properties that soothe the effects of respiratory diseases such as sore throat and coughing. Regulates the sugar in the blood, due to the equilibrium between glucose and fructose, which makes it suitable for diabetics. It also helps to prevent cardiovascular problems. It is rich in minerals such as manganese, iron, magnesium, potassium and other mineral salts. Beneficial to the skin, is used to treat acne, dry skin and chapped lips. Heritage and tradition In Magna Apis are engaged in beekeeping since 1988, inheriting craft and tradition of his grandfather. As a tribute to his figure produced and marketed honey from own harvest of Cantabria, as well as some nationals from beekeepers friends. As a result of their growth they decided to include his line of products, jams, craft, elaboration, cooked on a slow fire in his workshop, made with seasonal fruit, fresh, balanced in sugar and definitely no preservatives or coloring added. This way you get a product craftsman of tradition with the taste of always.

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FormatGlass jar
Net Weight500grs
SourceCantabria, Spain

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