Entrecote of veal extra to the cut

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  • 500 grams Fine Cut 3 Steaks
  • 500 grams Thick-Cut 2 Steaks
  • 1 kg Thin Cut 6 Steaks
  • 1 kg Thin Cut 4 Steaks

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* Tip of presentation. Entrecote of veal extra Meat of first quality, prepared to order offers maximum freshness, knife cut provides the best preparation to enjoy this piece. Quality guarantee assured with this meat direct from the maker, comes before you at your house, the butcher shop, prepared to order and packaged in trays sealed that offer all the guarantees that had been added to refrigerated transport. The flesh of veal is prized for its tenderness and softness, perfect for a good balanced diet thanks to its low content in fat due to the diet of the animal. The entrecote of veal, can be one of the cuts most reputable within the world of the flesh, will be a real pleasure for the lovers of this meat. The steak is selected from the lower part of the spine, being very tender to the pair that tasty. Just worry about how you're going to enjoy this exquisite entrecote of veal, a piece of great quality. Features The white veal or milk-fed veal, comes from calves not to exceed 8 months of age. It is a good meat for our nutritional diet, providing the natural proteins of the meat. Is the meat more digestive, that is why it is recommended for the smaller and older of the house. SOURCE: BELGIUM. * CAN BE FROZEN IN THE SAME CONTAINER IN WHICH IT IS RECEIVED. - TO CONSUME AFTER IT IS FROZEN, IT SHOULD TAKE 12 HOURS BEFORE AND REMOVE WITH A PAPER OR CLOTH FROM THE POSSIBLE MOISTURE OR WATER THAT HAS BEEN GENERATED IN THE FREEZING PROCESS. Expiration The meats that we offer in Anchoasdeluxe are from the grower to ensure maximum freshness, so that, in general, tend to be 10 days, look on the label to take the product. If you are not going to eat all the meat, it is recommended that you freeze, for later tasting, this way the meat will be in perfect condition.

Data sheet
DevelopmentPreparation to hand
Presentation MeatPlastic trays sealed or vacuum-packed
Processed MeatCut hand with knife
Expiration Meat7 to 9 days from their preparation, can be frozen.
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